About the Artist

Artist - Judith Leonard

Through my mother teaching me how to hand make crepe paper flowers, sewing and pottery from a very young age, I have always enjoyed being creative.

I continued my creative journey through lead lighting, jewellery and key ring making, clay pinching, murano glass and a few others on the way.  Then onto resin, were my passion for the medium has lead me to enjoy creating these beautiful pieces.

Resin in all forms, is an exciting medium to use and it gives me the ability to create one off unique pieces for people to cherish and adore - knowing that they have a piece of art, that is one of a kind. I love the fluidity of the resin and the joy of creating art and home-wares, whilst marveling in the ever changing flow of the resin and exploring new techniques.

With experience in home staging, market research along with the corporate world, I am able to apply these learning's and experience to my business.

I look forward to applying resin to many forms and platforms and continue to be creative in many other ways, along with growing my little empire.

Jude x

Always a Rebel at heart ❣

Est. 2017