Note Book - Fly High
Note Book - Fly High

Note Book - Fly High

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From a magical balloon swing, the world looks completely different. Flying high, you see everything more clearly, dream big and think new thoughts.

Want to come along for a ride? Give your thoughts a home in this notebook and preserve your personal history. The notebook unfolds easily and has a decorative seam running down the back.

The pages form four layers alternating between off-white and dusty blue, giving the book a decorative look when seen from the side. You can use the notebook for any purpose you like, perhaps using the colour variation to create different sections.

When you open the book you find a page where you can add your name, address and telephone number, if you like.

The notebook is 10.5x14.2 cm. It has 144 pages made of 100-gramme Cream wood-free paper and a front and back cover in 350-gramme white kraft paper.